GLADD to be gadding about at Mardi Gras

February 18, 2021 Alec Smart 0

The Sentinel undertakes a thorough examination of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists (GLADD) and speaks to founder Dr Bhushan Joshi ahead of the group’s Mardi Gras appearance.

The leaning towers of Mascot

December 14, 2020 Alec Smart 0

Mascot Towers, the high-rise apartments in south Sydney that residents hastily evacuated in June 2019 after cracks appeared in the brickwork, are now said to be “leaning and unstable”.

Sydney Web Fest – 2020 foresight

December 4, 2020 Alec Smart 0

The Sydney Web Fest 2020 showcases the best of Australian short filmmaking online. The annual event features over 60 micro films and series, plus an awards ceremony commending the top talent.