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The Sydney Sentinel is the progressive new media outlet Sydney needs. 

A completely independent online newspaper, the Sentinel offers a different take on our city, with arts, news, features and opinion sections joined by dedicated queer and vegan sections, in a publication for the 21st century.

But launching a new media outlet isn’t a cheap or easy task – especially in a city where media diversity is sorely lacking and the ‘Murdochrasy’ and other corporate cabals dominate the Fourth Estate. 

That’s why we’re reaching out to you to help us deliver the very best possible independent publication for the city we love.

Unlike many media outlets, the Sentinel will never charge readers to access our content. Our content is your content.

And unlike many media outlets, we will never expect any of our writers, photographers, illustrators and designers to work for free – for ‘experience’, ‘exposure’ or for any other reason.

So please consider helping the Sydney Sentinel your Sydney Sentinel – by donating  to our launch fund, to help us get off to a flying start:

Of course, we understand  that not everyone is in a position to assist financially. We’re living in the age of Covid-19 and times are tough. If you can’t spare us a dime, we hope you can assist in other ways, by sharing our content, spreading the word about the Sentinel – and above all, by reading and engaging with our content. 

Thanks for being here, thanks for any help you can give – and let’s see where we can take this, together.

Peter Hackney
Editor-in-chief, Sydney Sentinel