Charter of editorial and professional standards

The Sydney Sentinel is a proudly progressive independent online newspaper for and about Sydney and its many diverse communities.  

In particular, the Sentinel aims to cover and explore Sydney’s alternative and non-mainstream subcultures, and platform voices that may not get a run in the mainstream media. It aims to do this within the setting of a full-service local publication that also covers mainstream news and issues, thereby presenting a unique package in which the mainstream and non-mainstream are integrated in a publication for all.  

The Sentinel currently does this through seven verticals – arts and entertainment, features, news, opinion, queer, vegan and youth – with plans to introduce Indigenous and multicultural sections in the near future.  

The Sentinel is a responsible, ethical media outlet with a respect for the profession (and it is a profession) of journalism. Therefore, unlike many, if not most local, independent publications, all staff and contributors – including journalists, editors and photographers – are remunerated for their valuable work. 

The Sentinel is a digital-only publication and proudly so. We understand that in this day and age, most people consume their news online. 

Furthermore, the internet provides the most egalitarian, accessible way for people to access news. It is free to access on any computer, mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection (the Sentinel is not hidden behind a firewall and will never be) and the online nature of the publication ensures it can be accessed irrespective of location and physical ability.  

Our journalists and contributors are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the Australian Press Council’s Standards of Practice. They are also encouraged to become members of the Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance (MEAA), and to adhere to their reporting guidelines and the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics.  

Verified by Sydney Sentinel founder, publisher and editor-in-chief Peter Hackney, 14 September, 2020.