Adore Delano diving Down Under

Adore Delano is touring Australia in November with a full live band for the "Party Your World Tour". Photo: supplied.

The Sentinel speaks to RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favourite Adore Delano about their upcoming Australian tour, inspirations and newfound role as big sister to a generation of Gen Z fans. By queer editor Brandon Bear.

It’s been a few years since Adore Delano has been on an Australian stage, but the non-stop, non-binary rock star known for their work across the entertainment spectrum is hitting up The Metro in Sydney in November for the Party Your World Tour.

After a long Covid-induced hiatus for tours and live music, Delano is ready for Australia. “I haven’t been in almost three years and I’m just excited, there’s just a different energy with you guys and a special relationship that I have. It reminds me of a love fest of loud party vibes.”

The trip will see Delano bring a full band to the stage, something new for their Australian fans. “I am excited to bring a live element of music with a live audience. I just want a celebratory energy together.”

Said energy is a far cry from the last few years of online work, cancelled gigs and time at home, however there has been a silver lining for the drag rock star. “It forced a lot of us to redirect our energies to our mental health and change our perspective on our daily activities and who’s surrounding us,” Delano says.

This reflection has put Delano in a great place to re-engage with audiences around the world: “I’m excited to be bringing the tour over with a different mental headspace.”

Adore Delano has released fifteen official singles to date, including the US hit ‘I Adore You’. Video: DannyNoriega/YouTube.

Delano has high praise for Australia, and our local drag queens. “I was really excited when Drag Race Down Under came out because I’ve worked with a lot of them. There’s a lot of talent over there.”

The appreciation for our unique local drag aesthetic is evident: “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen TV lace fronts on a local queen – very put together in an edgy type of way.”

On their inspirations, Delano has a long list including Jewel, Rihanna and Janis Joplin. “A lot of my idols are dead, but so am I in the head sometimes,” Delano quips.

Considering living inspirations, Delano gushes for US rapper Doja Cat (“She is on a roll right now, doing something really beautiful in the music industry and striking gold in every corner.”) and is fuelled by singer-songwriters like Courtney Love and Lorde.

On their muses, Delano namechecks Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, “The women who said, ‘Oh, you think I’m dumb? Let me flip the script and make bank on this.’ There’s beauty and power in that.”

It’s an eclectic and thoughtful collection of voices  that drive Delano, but the list reflects their absolute adoration for women and feminine forces. “We all have a magic superpower in our drag personas that we gain from very powerful female influences in our life … I just love women.”

No stranger to the embodiment of powerful female energy, Delano celebrates a new generation of gender and sexuality fluidity. “It’s something I’ve been living with my since my teenage years and not really having vocabulary of what it was. I knew that I was a grey area of some type of spectrum of gender but I didn’t have the language for it growing up,” Delano tells The Sentinel.

“I love the Gen Z-ers because they have this vocabulary they are trying to instil in the older generation and keep everything flowing and accepting.”

Adore Delano is no stranger to the embodiment of powerful female energy. Photo: Adore Delano/Twitter.

Delano’s fan base is continuing to grow, and speaking about the relationship they share with their fans, Delano reveals: “I feel like the older sister. Maybe I am the older aunt that just came back from college teaching them about what not to do and what to apply in their lives.”

The relationship between Delano and fans is not a one way street. “I am taking stuff I see on Tik Tok or meet and greets and applying it to my daily life and trying to educate the people around me.”

Covid had a real impact on Delano. As they explain: “I’m known as the hugging queen. I love having that physical connection with people and feeling their energy. It’s a deeper connection than, ‘Hey. what’s up? Take a picture.’”

After such a long hiatus and with Australia cautiously moving towards a Covid normal situation, the opportunity to reconnect in real life will hopefully be evident on the tour.

In the meantime, Delano wants to pass on a message to their Australian fans:. “I’m excited to see you again, bring the band and have a bit of party and fun and have a good old time live. There’s nothing like a live audience to give and receive energy!”

The Party Your World Tour plays Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in November, including a date at the Metro Theatre, Sydney on Saturday, 12 November, 2022.  Tickets on Sale from Wednesday, 2 March at—party-your-world-tour, with pre-sale registrations now open.

Brandon Bear is the queer editor of the Sydney Sentinel.