The Existential Expert covers sleazy lecturers and lockdown entitlement

The Existential Expert responds to your questions. Photo: Pixabay/LEEROY Agency.

In the latest instalment of The Existential Expert, we respond to reader’s questions about handling university sexual harassment – and the problem of lockdown guilt. 

Q: My lecturer at uni was a massive douche and propositioned me inappropriately. 

Should I report him to the university bigwigs? 

Dina, Kensington

A: Hi Dina, 

We’re sorry to hear this happened to you. You’re well within your rights to report him.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s best for your needs. In respect of your agency – which this guy evidently felt entitled to – focus on number one and protect yourself. Seek the support of those you trust and forget the rest (which may well include dubious advice columns). 

You’re probably well aware of this but, fortunately, universities have protocols in place to help, if you need them. We obviously don’t know which uni you attended – and we by no means wish to imply these particular institutions are involved in this case – but online resources like these and also these are available. 

It’s probably best to start with the official university channels, then escalate if you don’t get satisfaction.

Satisfaction is yours to claim, as well. If this involves anonymously leaving flaming bags of dog shit outside the lecturer’s office, then so be it. 

We hope you find the outcomes you want and need. 


The EE

Photo: klimkin / Pixabay.

Q: I live in a beach side suburb with lots of space, air and sunshine. 

Is it normal that I feel guilty/entitled when others are struggling in locked down LGAs? 

Roxy Royale, Clovelly 

A: Hi Roxy, 

Firstly, congratulations on having such an evocative name. The Existential Expert has always been an appreciator of quality alliteration. 

Secondly, guilt is a perfectly normal feeling at times like this. This underrated emotion comes readily to people with compassion and basic human decency. It’s what separates us from entities such as Rupert Murdoch, Peter Dutton and whoever it was that gave Mumford and Sons a record deal. 

The good news is that feeling guilty and being subject to the self-analysis you’re undertaking will ameliorate a lot of the effects of being “entitled”. 

Without that, you might be in trouble. For example, you’d be at the risk of ending up on the streets of Sydney protesting a lockdown. Entitlement ensures that a lot of these people are randomly aggrieved by the relatively brief restriction on, for example, not being able to drop their washing off at their mum’s place. 

A sense of entitlement might also inspire you to become a member of the Young Liberals or, even worse, a celebrity chef. These people are generally deeply sick and need years of rehabilitation including the confiscation of their Instagram accounts in which to approach something like normalcy. 

Social media, of course, is the gateway to a lot of this deviant behaviour. If you feel any desire to post anything on Facebook/Instagram that involves subjects like “free market economics”, “patriots” or the “paleo diet” we recommend you seek medical aid urgently. 

All the best on your journey, 


The EE

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