A virtual offering from Kathryn Selby and friends

Kathryn Selby and friends. Photo: supplied.

Experience this unique chance to get intimate with some of Australia’s finest classical musicians. 

Kathryn Selby is one of Australia’s – and the world’s – most highly regarded pianists. Her musical acuity coupled with a warm, natural presence also makes her one of classical music’s most popular performers. With her regular performance program interrupted this year, Selby and fellow musicians have turned to digital reconstitution as a substitute – and it isn’t necessarily a lesser compromise. 

The series of touring concerts Selby had planned for this year had to be cancelled, so instead she has had a live performance video recorded and uploaded to her website, Selby & Friends. The last concert for the year, aptly titled A Final Offering, is now available for streaming. It comprises the swan songs of three popular composers: Schubert (Notturno), Shostakovich (Piano Trio in E minor, Opus 67), and Schumann (Piano Quartet in E Flat Major, Op.47).  

Timo-Veikko Valve, Susie Park, Stefanie Farrands, Kathryn Selby (L-R). Photo: supplied

The performance was recorded in Sydney’s beautiful City Recital Hall, Angel Place. Kathryn, on the grand piano, is joined on stage by Susie Park (Violin: Concertmaster Minnesota Symphony Orchestra), Stefanie Farrands (Principal Viola ACO) and Timo-Veikko Valve (Principal Cello ACO).

Softly lit and with the light wood panelling and clean lines of the auditorium providing an elegant backdrop, the musicians, sitting as closely as regulations will allow, fill the frame. The camera pans slowly, feeling the tempo, and intermittently zooms in on the focused expressions and intricate fingerwork. 

With very high quality production values – visual and audio – it’s a level of engagement that is truly immersive. 

Kathryn Selby. Photo: Selbyandfriends.com.au.

The full 75-minute concert can be enjoyed as part of a package, with add on features including a filmed discussion among the musicians in which they share their thoughts on the works, composers and aspects of performance; a behind-the-scenes style short video; a digital souvenir program and other bits and pieces. 

If you’re a fan of classical music or simply want to escape the bombast of news and drama, then you will serve your senses well to tune into this special online presentation. 


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