Pioneering Sydney vegan restaurant closed after fire

The Green Gourmet restaurant at 115 King St, Newtown. File photo.

The pioneering Green Gourmet restaurant in Newtown, Sydney’s oldest continuously operating 100 per cent vegan restaurant, has been forced to shut its doors due to a fire on the premises on Wednesday.

The temporary closure, caused by a fire in the restaurant’s kitchen, will also affect the venue’s sister location, the Green Gourmet outlet at St Leonards.

In a post on the Green Gourmet Newtown Facebook page yesterday, management said: “It saddens us to advise all our customers … that we have to close for a while after our restaurant kitchen was impacted by a fire incident yesterday that has damaged the majority of our key cooking equipment to an unrepairable condition.”

Management expressed gratitude that nobody was injured by the fire and that the dining room and other parts of the building were left intact. 

The post did not give an expected reopening date for the Newtown premises, but said: “We anticipate a reopening of our St Leonards restaurant in the coming fortnight.”

A spokesperson for the business told the Sentinel today that while the St Leonard’s outlet would soon re-open, they were unsure when the Newtown outlet would be back in business.

“We plan to re-open in Newtown but we can’t give a date yet because a lot of work needs to be done first. 

“But the Green Gourmet kitchens in Lane Cove are still operating and the Green Gourmet restaurant in St Leonards will open within two weeks.”

The spokesperson said Green Gourmet was still conducting its online business, selling frozen meals, bento boxes, ’chicken’, buns, wontons, dumplings, groceries and more, sourced from Green Gourmet’s Lane Cove kitchens.

“We hope people will continue to support us online,” they said, advising that customers would be regularly updated on the status of the dine-in restaurants through Green Gourmet’s social media accounts. 

Green Gourmet – which focuses on Chinese and South-East Asian meals, as well as Modern Australian desserts – was established by Colin Fung at its King Street, Newtown location in 1998.

In 2001, his sister Gloria opened the St Leonards location.

Customers can continue to order food from Green Gourmet online at

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