Inner West, Randwick councils announce support for artists

The performance space at 5 Eliza Street, Newtown (AKA the Old 505 Theatre). Photo: Kerri Glasscock.

Artists have until 28 October to apply for the Sydney Fringe Festival–Inner West Council Artist in Isolation residency program, a two-week paid residency to develop new artistic works.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said the initiative was part of the council’s ongoing commitment to supporting artists; an undertaking which has strengthened during Covid-19. 

“More than ever, I am acutely aware of Council’s important role in supporting local creatives, the backbone of our Inner West identity and economy,” said Byrne, in a media statement.

“This partnership with Sydney Fringe will lead to new employment opportunities for artists, as well as innovative new works to revitalise our public spaces and precincts.”

Sydney Fringe Festival CEO and Director Kerri Glasscock thanked the council and drew attention to festival’s strong Inner West connections.

“Continued support by Inner West Council has directly enabled us to funnel greatly needed funding to independent artists and practitioners during their time of need,” she said.

“Sydney Fringe had its birth in the Inner West and we are incredibly grateful to be able to collaborate during this difficult year to ensure that the Inner West of Sydney remains the cultural capital of NSW.”

The Art in Isolation project will provide residencies to 18 artists to create works for the 2021 Sydney Fringe Festival. 

The project will provide support to four playwrights, four visual artists, nine performance artists and a multi-disciplinary video artist. 

There will also be two further residences supporting artists to create pop-up/roving performances for outdoor spaces.

For further information or to apply, visit

Meanwhile, Randwick City Council recently awarded funding to 22 emerging artists; the first artists to receive support via the council’s new grants and donations framework, known as the Community Investment Program

Further rounds of funding will be offered though the Community Investment Program next month. For details, visit

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